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 Kit components are the blank, cork handle kit, and guide set. The cork will be reamed to fit the blank.

You'll need Flex Coat thread finish, epoxy glue and size A guide thread.

$180.80 - $213.75

 These Kits have all the components to build the rod, after you make your choices. Blank, butt cap, butt grip, reel seat,  fore grip, winding check, hookeeper, and guide set. You need to have cement, thread wrap finish, and a hot stick to put on the tip top. The blank color code is: St Croix 2 series Black, 3 series Matt Grey. Pacific Bay RF Dk Green, TBR series Dk. Brown, TR series Matt Grey, PR series Black. To tell the color finish see the first numbers and letters in the model number.

$67.65 - $220.80