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 The Twist-Tec Wire Forming Tool is a very functional tool that all your components are being assembled, and formed out in the open. With some tools your limited to the width of the inside of the tool. That makes it hard to build the longer Musky and Salmon spinners. MADE WITH PRIDE in Oregon, U.S.A.

$15.75 - $139.65

 The open wire shaft works well with the the torpeds body. You put your hook in the open end then squeeze the two eire ends and push them into the torpedo body hole.

$2.27 - $15.10

 The straight wire shaft works good on the TwisTech wire forming tool. The coils are good for troling spreaders. They will work for building spinners, but the shaft will have a little curve in if from the coil, you'll have to straighten this out.


$11.18 - $12.43

 The closed eye is a help where you use a split ring for you hook to wire connection.

$3.80 - $21.23