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  This head insert will rotate, twist, and flare out your Hoochie skirt for more attraction. Insert the pointed end into the Hoochie head, leaving the wings in the skirt to spin. This will also make your skirt open up. As you trol it will twist, rotate, and pulsate the Hoochie skirt. Use on Mini Thin Ultra 1 1/2", 1 1/2"' 2" and 2 1/2" Hoochies. To make the Rotator spin more you can put it in the hoochie so it is back closer to the hoochie skirt. Put a bead between the Rotator and the front of your snelled hooks, to give it a smooth surface to Rotate on.    




$3.97 - $7.29

  This is a popular size Hoochie for kokanee or Coho Salmon lures. 

You can use the Rotator insert to flare out the skirt and 

give it a spin and shake action.

$3.22 - $14.48

This Hoochie size is a in between size. It is beeing used on larger Kokanee

lures as well with the Salmon 360 trolling spinner. You can use the insert

Rotator to flare out the skirt to shake and rotate it.

$3.36 - $15.10

  These are your 4" Hoochies used on Salmon and Kokanee lures. Work well on spinners and double hook rigs. They have a UV finish, with Glo-n-Dark eyes.

$3.81 - $12.58