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2018 Salmon season found the 360, 3 1/2 Colorado Spinner trolling method being one of the most productive methods.

Using a large dodger, dodger release, and 3 1/2 Colorado blade spinner. The Gold plate blade was the most used, with Copper,

Silver Plate, and 50/50 Gold/Nickle following. 

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 These 3 1/2 Colorado are a premuim Blade. The Rainbow finish has a Polyurethane coating to stop any pain peeling. They start as Polish Brass material. There polished and plated, Copper, Silver, Gold and 50/50 Gold/Nickle. The Copper has a Polyurethane finish added to stop any tarnishing or finger prints. Your Gold and Silver finish have a much brighter flash than a Polish Brass or Nickle finish.

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