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Used for storing single hooks with leaders. Safe and easy removal of tied hook and leader, one at a time with out tangles. USE DIFFERENT COLORS FOR DIFFERENT SIZES OR  MODEL OF HOOKS.


Silver plated head and VMC V7150 Barbarian jig hook for a maximum flash attractor.

$4.96 - $26.42

 The caddy can be used to store leaders with large hooks or steelhead leaders in larger amounts. Use the different caddy colors to keep your hook or leader sizes separate.


This blade is a fast rotation start. Use in slower water or for a slower retreive.

$1.92 - $7.75

Like the Panther you know what blade, starts up fast. Good slow water and slow retreive choice.

$5.27 - $14.50

CLOSE OUT  VMC has discontinued this barbless hook.

$3.23 - $5.80

Look like the Panther you know what spinner blade.


$4.41 - $13.75